Bridge in Hotel Wienerhof in Den Helder

Competition bridge is played on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evening. Every 7 weeks a new competion starts. You can sign up at Bridgekring Den Helder (Mondays and Thursdays) with Mrs. Ellen Jutte. Phone number +31223-610880. Or at Bridgeklub '84 (Tuesdays (non smoking) and Fridays) with Mrs. Gerda van Rijn. Phone number +31223-620241.
New members are always welcome!
We've started our bridge course in October 2009.
It's a very instructive and inspiring game for the young and the older.

For more information please contact Bridgekring Den Helder .or Bridgeklub '84 .

Special events:

- Every first Saturday of February our annual Bridge Night, it starts at 07.30 pm. and ends at 7.30 am.
- Every first Saterday of Mayour annual Bridge Pubs and Taverns Trip through Den Helder.
- During the summer ( June, July and August) open entry. Pairs can enroll for the match of that evening


Hotel Wienerhof
Parallelweg 7
1781 EA Den Helder
Tel.  0223-616895
Fax. 0223-613534
reserveringen @ hotelwienerhof.nl