A new day starts with the breakfast buffet. With all sorts of freshly baked bread. Different sorts of cheese and meat. Milk products, eggs, marmalade, fruit juices and fresh fruit from all around the world complete the varied choices for your breakfast buffet.

The new spring garden in the restaurant gives you the opportunity to enjoy whatever you are consuming in perfect ambiance.

Besides our รก la carte menu you've also got a choice between a fish or a meat main course in our always different menu. Vegetarian courses or diet courses are also possible and get as much attention as the rest of our menu.

The restaurant also has a non smoking area, which is also a little shop where you can purchase small and large handmade gifts.


As you can see in the pictures, our hotel has a patio. When the weather is nice, we open our doors so that you can also enjoy the lovely weather from inside, while enjoying your cup of coffee or tea or your meal.

View from the winter garden next to the patio. As you can see, you can enjoy your view while you're enjoying your meal and/or your drink.

And after this. You can sit and relax on the couch.


Hotel Wienerhof
Parallelweg 7
1781 EA Den Helder
Tel.  0223-616895
Fax. 0223-613534
reserveringen @ hotelwienerhof.nl